Monroe Middle School

Disaster Preparedness

We have received some questions about how Monroe prepares for disasters such as earthquakes. The school practices emergency drills with the students once a month, and the staff gets trained every year on how to respond in case of a disaster. 

If there is an earthquake, students are instructed to drop under their desks when shaking begins. Once it is safe to exit, classes evacuate to the back field. Each teacher has an assigned area, and the teacher takes role to make sure that all students were able to safely exit.   If a student is reported missing, we then mobilize a search team.
In case of minor injuries, each teacher has an emergency backpack with first aid materials; we also have a triage area set up that is monitored by staff with first aid/CPR training.  We would call 911 for more serious injuries.
If it is determined that students need to be sent home, we have procedures for checking students out to parents/family members.  The pick up place for Monroe is on Clifton, the street at the back of school.  Once all students are accounted for, we will set up a station right outside the back gates, and parents will check in with our staff, who will ask for ID, record who is picking the child up, and then call for the child to come to the gate. We will have several people manning this station so that release can happen quickly and safely. 
Sometime, families may have difficulty getting to the school to pick up their children. We have resources available to take care of students for a couple of days, including food, water, and blankets.  Our Event Center is able to withstand severe earthquakes, and if we needed shelter, that would be the area we’d go.
In case of a major disaster, we’d be in contact with the district office so they could help us mobilize services and outside resources.  Our goal is to keep our students and staff as safe as possible.
If you'd like more information on how to be prepared for a disaster, visit Great California Shakeout.