Monroe Middle School

The Importance of Good Attendance

Critical to school success

Positive school attendance is critical to a child’s success in school. One missed school day equals six hours of missed classroom instruction. Every day counts.  A good routine begins at home with a consistent schedule for waking up and going to bed. Students should have their backpack and materials ready the night before for in preparation for a successful day.

We recommend parents to review their child’s attendance every two weeks. You can view your child’s attendance on PowerSchool Parent Portal or you may request an attendance print-out from our school attendance assistant, Christy Naderi at cnaderi [at] If you have not set-up your Powerschool parent account to view your child’s attendance and grades, please contact Monroe registrar, Erin Rupp at erupp [at]

Below are a few key reminders about attendance:

·        First period begins every day at 8:00am.

·        Attendance is taken in every class period, 1st-6th, each day.  *When students are absent 18 class periods, a truancy letter will be generated.

·        Students who arrive after 8:30am are considered truant. * 3 truant incidents will generate a truancy letter.

·        If your child misses school, please call the 24 hour attendance line (408) 341-7022 or email cnaderi [at] to verify your child’s absence. Every absence must be verified.

·        Absences must be verified within 20 school days.

·        Parent are encouraged to schedule medical appointments after 2:34 pm. If your child arrives to school late or leaves early for an appointment, parents must verify the late arrival and/or early departure.

·        For a list of excusable absences, please review our attendance policies located in our 2019-2020 parent handbook. The link is below: