Monroe Middle School

Monroe Yearbook Update

Yes, you can still order a yearbook – Read more to see how you can order a yearbook and the new features we have added to make it easier from home.

Update on Monroe Middle School’s Yearbook this year:

Yes, you can still order a yearbook – Go online to , if you don’t already have an account, Click on SIGN UP and copy and paste this passcode: 


Soft cover yearbooks are $21.99 and a hard cover yearbook is an additional $6.95.  You can purchase additional personalized pages: 2 for $0.99. 

The yearbook has been sent to print, estimated delivery date is June 19th, however Treering is very efficient and books will most likely come sooner to the home address you either entered when you ordered your book or your address in powerschool.

There will be NO yearbooks available to purchase at school, ALL yearbooks are ordered online.

NEW this year:

•           TreeRing will mail the yearbooks to your home.  Please check your address on your account, that is where your yearbook will be mailed.

•           Online Signatures are now available for personalized pages. You can send and request signatures. You can send a photo or a sticker or a message with your signature. Include a message with a photo or sticker by selecting Add Photo or Add Sticker and add your message.

This will be a great yearbook to help remember this unusual time.  A yearbook is also a history book, so extra pages have been added to yearbook for you to add pictures, clippings or other scrapbook items to this year's yearbook.

If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Eitner.

deitner [at]