Monroe Middle School

Monroe's School Linked Services Initiative

Community resources support students

School Linked Services (SLS) provides students and families with school based coordinated services to improve health and wellbeing of families through a community participatory approach. School Linked Services (SLS) Coordinators, located at the school district or a school site, develop partnership with schools, public agencies and community based organization in Santa Clara County to improve protective factors, e.g., family relationship, decrease risk-factors, e.g., behavioral and emotional problems, enhance service accessibility and resource linkage, and to support children’s success in school and in life.

Campus Collaborative

The purpose of the Campus Collaborative (CC) is to allow students, families, school personnel, community members and stakeholders to come together in discussing, planning, implementing and evaluating the School Linked Services initiative at each school. The Campus Collaborative takes on the community-based participatory approach by highlighting the following principles:

  • Recognizing the community as a unit of identity
  • Building on collective strengths and shared resources
  • Facilitating partnership and capacity building throughout the process
  • Disseminating pertinent information, data and other findings to all participants
  • Involving a long-term process and commitment
  • Seeking balance between evaluation and action


Community Partners

  • Foothill College-Family Engagement Institute (FEI)

  • El Camino Hospital

  • Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office

  • Catholic Charities 

  • Alum Rock Counseling Center 

  • Uplift Family Services

  • Bethel Church

  • Home Church

  • San Jose Police Department

  • Counseling And Support Services for Youth (CASSY)

  • Library: San Jose & Campbell

  • Campbell Community Center

  • Tech Interactive Museum of San Jose

  • Safe Schools - City of San Jose

  • Santa Clara Office of Education-Safe and Healthy Schools Department- Tobacco Use Prevention Education (TUPE) Program

  • Los Gatos Assistance League & Rotary Club Campbell

  • Tzu Chi Foundation

  • 5210 Program