Monroe Middle School

Panelists needed for 8th Grade Exhibition Project Presentations

We still need about 15 more panelists for Monroe's 8th grade exhibition project presentation day on Friday, May 26th.

Our 8th graders have been working hard all year on their STEAM projects, and would greatly appreciate your support as a panelist to listen to their presentations, ask questions and provide feedback. You will be amazed by the variety and creativity of the presentations that students will present.

Panelists can work a morning shift, afternoon shift, or all day. This is a great opportunity for parents of future  8th graders to experience Exhibition Project Presentations to better understand the process and support their child when it's their turn in 8th grade. You can invite a friend or adult family member to join you as a panelist.

Please contact Ms. Rezzonico at brezzonico [at] for more information.