Opening Plan

Additional Supports

Student Support Services

Counseling and Guidance

Monroe has two school counselors to help our students succeed both socially and academically. 

Our comprehensive counseling services also include individual and small group counseling to address social and emotional concerns through our outside agencies.

Special Services and Programs

Special Education Assistance/Section 504 Plans

CUSD provides specialized educational programs for students with identified learning disabilities.  Some of these programs function in a special class setting and others are incorporated into the regular instructional setting.  These programs require referral, assessment, and parental permission. Questions regarding special education or Section 504 procedures should be directed to the school principal.

Positive Behavior Intervention Supports (PBIS)

Maverick Code

COVID Safety

Be Respectful

  • Practice social distancing from others-6 ft apart

Be Responsible

  • Bring your own water bottle
  • Use bathroom at designated times
  • Keep your hands to yourself

Be Safe

  • Wear a mask 
  • Wash your hands 
  • Social distance from others
  • Follow the safety arrows

Distance Learning

Be Respectful

  • Practice digital citizenship in the virtual classroom platform
  • Use respectful language when posting in a common virtual space 
  • Follow all regular classroom rules even in virtual classroom environments

Be Responsible

  • Attend all of your classes every day
  • Be self-directed with your assignments; ask for help if you need it
  • Use a schedule to manage your classes and assignments

Be Safe

  • Report any irresponsible, suspicious, or dangerous online activity to an adult
  • Take care of your own unique mental, physical, and emotional needs during this time
  • Approach problems or issues by staying calm, finding out facts, asking for help

Online Lessons

Be Respectful

  • Avoid any side conversations with classmates
  • Dress appropriately for a normal school environment
  • Press the mute button on your video platform so that you can hear your teacher better.  Only unmute when sharing your thoughts

Be Responsible

  • Find the best place to hear your teacher and where background noise will be minimal
  • Have a backup plan if you get disconnected

Be Safe

  • Keep meeting links and passwords for you and your classmates only - Never share
  • Inform your parents when you are entering a video conference with a teacher or class


Be Respectful

  • Stay on task when using technology
  • Use technology appropriately

Be Responsible

Be Safe

  • Keep login, passwords, and private information private
  • Take good care of your chromebook
  • Be careful if eating or drinking around your chromebook

Tiered Interventions

When a student does not follow the Maverick Code, the following steps and interventions will be taken:

  • Teacher will redirect the student to more appropriate behavior.
  • The student will be reminded of the behavior guidelines and rules, and a discussion will take place.
  • The parent/guardian will be notified of the problem by the teacher. The teacher will document the situation. This written documentation will include what the behavior is, what provoked the problem, and corrective action taken.
  • Parent or guardian and school administration contacted.  Behavioral log/ corrective interventions shared with parent/guardian.
  • Student serves Teacher/Administrator intervention. Depending on the severity of the behavior/infraction student will receive a referral.  Parents will be contacted and consequences assigned.
  • If the problem persists, a conference will occur with the parent, child, staff and Administration. 

Behavior Guidelines and Consequences

Violations and Consequences Depending on the behavior, one or more of the following actions may be taken by school officials. The frequency and severity of student behaviors will determine the level of intervention or discipline administered:

Suspension: Suspension is the temporary removal of a student from ongoing instruction. Students may be suspended (or recommended for expulsion) for any of the acts summarized below (Education Code 48900, 48900.2, 48900.3, 48900.4, 48900.7).

Expulsion: Expulsion is the removal of a student from ongoing instruction in the district for a specific length of time. Pursuant to State law and District policies, the principal of a school may recommend or be required to recommend expulsion of a student, but only the Governing Board may actually expel a student.

Online Behavior: Students are to regularly participate in online learning through video conferencing software.  Attire and environment should be free of distractions and school appropriate.

To protect privacy and campus security, students are never allowed to:

  • Use social media of any kind while on campus.
  • Take any picture or video that the instructor has not expressly asked them to take.
  • Upload any picture or video taken on campus to any social media site or website
  • Send any picture or video taken on campus to any person, including themselves.
  • Take any picture, video, or text any class assignments, assessments or live instruction without staff permission

Appropriate Attire: 

The school administration reserves the right to individually forbid a student from 

wearing any attire, logos, symbols, or insignias including excessive clothing color, 

that is determined to create a hostile environment or distracts from learning. 

Appropriate and modest attire is expected at school. Students should be comfortable without distraction. 

  • Undergarments should not be showing under any circumstances. If clothing is not worn correctly, it must be corrected or parents will be contacted. 

  • Sleepwear and blankets are not to be worn (Exceptions on verified Spirit Day)

  • Hats or hoodies are allowed IF worn appropriately on campus, but are subject to individual classroom policies. Face and ears must be visible to school staff. 

  • NO profane, vulgar, sexually suggestive, violent, drug, alcohol, tobacco or gang-related clothing are allowed. This includes clothing or accessories that are predominantly red or blue. 

  • Items such as backpacks belts and belt buckles will also be monitored. Inappropriate words designs or anything causing a distraction may be confiscated and could lead to disciplinary action.

Cell Phones

Students are allowed to use their cell phones before the first rings and after the last bell rings.  Students will not use their phone at school from bell to bell. Cell phone use will be restricted during the school day.

To protect privacy and campus security, students are never allowed to:

  • Use social media of any kind (i.e. Instagram, Kik, etc) while on campus

  • Take any picture or video

  • Upload any picture or video taken on campus to any social media site or website

  • Send any picture or video taken on campus to any person, including themselves

If a student is misusing his/her personal device, staff will follow the following process:

1st Offense:   Verbal Warning.

2nd Offense:  Phone confiscated by school personnel, and parent contacted. Phone is returned at the end of day.

3rd Offense:   Phone confiscated and parent contacted. Parent required to pick up phone in Main Office.

Continued violations will result in office referrals and increased consequences from admin.

Harassment/Bullying: Students who harass, bully, or otherwise intimidate other students shall be subject to appropriate discipline and intervention supports, up to and including mediation and resolution sessions, counseling, behavior contracts, suspensions, and/or expulsion.

School Property: Students are responsible for all textbooks, library books, desks, computers, and all other types of property issued to them during the school year. The school will solicit replacement costs in the event of loss or damage. Grades and/or transcripts may be withheld until payment has been made.

The next page defines our school major and minor violations.

Behaviors inconsistent with the value of RESPECT 

Challenging the learning environment 

Minor: noise-making, attention-getting behaviors, distracting others, using the materials incorrectly. 

Individual engages in low-intensity but inappropriate disruption. Noise-making, shouting, and/or not using materials properly. 

Major: continuously exhibiting the behaviors stated in the minor section, and behavior has escalated towards making others feel unsafe.


Minor: Individual uses language that is deemed as inappropriate in class or directed to a peer and/or self. 

Major: Expressions which are forms of harassment, racial slurs, obscene, libelous, or slanderous. 

Deliberately hurtful teasing, taunting, name calling, ridicule, intimidation, belittling, degradation, threats, and/or demands. Derisive and unfriendly mockery and laughter. 

Property Damage 

Minor: Individual breaks a pencil, rips a piece of paper, and or engages in an act that damages property and can be repaired or addressed within the classroom setting. 

Major: Student participates in an activity that results in destruction or disfigurement of property.

Behaviors inconsistent with the value of RESPONSIBILITY


Minor:  Student is tardy 3 times during a week-long period to one class.

Major: A tardy that exceeds 30 minutes is considered an unexcused partial-day absence. The student has been truant and continues to be absent. 

Academic Integrity

Minor: A breach of minor academic integrity includes: cheating on homework, quizzes, tests, exams, or assessments/projects and plagiarism.

Major: A breach of major academic integrity includes: cheating on standardized tests, exams, or assessments; continued plagiarism; deliberate deception; stealing or unauthorized  use of assessment tools, answer keys, or school records, etc. 

Technology Violation

Minor: Student uses technology (cell phone, music/video players, camera, and/or computer/chromebook) to distract from the learning environment.

Major: Student impersonates another student using their account info. (google account, lunch number, false social media)

Dress Code

Minor: Student wore a garment that does not follow our school dress code. 

Major: Student consistently does not follow the school dress code. 

Behaviors inconsistent with the value of SAFETY 

Major: Bullying and Cyberbullying: Student delivers disrespectful messages (verbal or gesture) to another person that includes threats and intimidation, obscene gestures, pictures or written notes. Disrespectful messages include negative comments based on race, religion, gender, age, and/or national origin; and may or may not be sustained or intense verbal attacks based on ethnic origin, disabilities or other personal matters.


The most important way to ensure a child’s success and positive school experience is through good communication. Without it, we all miss out on enriching opportunities. Be sure to do your part by reading all information sent home from your child’s teachers, reading the school website, the weekly Monroe Middle School Electronic newsletter, attending monthly PTA meetings, and asking questions.  School staff and PTA board members are happy to answer any questions you might have.

Weekly E-News: Each Thursday, our website’s news system will email you information about important dates, school events, and other topics relating to your child’s education. Please sign up for the newsletter on the bottom right-hand corner of our website:

Weekly Principal Email: Each week the principal sends a message to families, in English and Spanish,  with key highlighted information.  These messages are also posted on the website. 

Concerns and/or Questions: Please contact your child’s teacher if you have any concerns and/or questions. If you feel your attempts to resolve an issue have failed, please contact the school administrators for assistance.

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