Monroe Middle School

2019-2020 PTA Executive Board

At the May 13 PTA General Meeting the 2019-2020 Executive Board was elected.  We are pleased to announce the PTA Executive Board and Supporting Positions next year.
Please look for ways you can join and support your Monroe PTA in the fall.
2019-2020 PTA Executive Board
President:  Andreea Singh
First Vice President--Fundraising: Keri Mackey
Second Vice President--Membership:  Tiffany Hayes
Secretary:  Sandra Ross
Treasurer:  Shannon Silva
Financial Secretary:  Alex Ramirez
Auditor:  Heather Hunt
Historian:  Michele Goetowski
Parliamentarian:  Eleanor Castillo Sumi


Appointed and Other Positions
  • Family Fun Night (TAILGATE PARTY) Co-Chairs:  Valerie Rountree, Emily Winters, Andreea Singh
  • 8th Grade Promotion Party Co-Chairs:  Sandra Ross, Valerie Rountree
  • Volunteer Coordinator:  Michele Goetowski, Dolores Solares, Alma Dominguez, Beatriz Ortega
  • Website Coordinator:  Debbie Eitner
  • Communications:  Michele Goetowski, Admin Team
    Teacher Appreciation Week Coordinator:  Shannon Silva, Andreea Singh, Sarah Johnson, Ms. Fran and Andreea Singh for Welcome Lunch

For more information on PTA, please use our website.