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Updated: Oct 6 2015 - 10:58am

Do you have an interesting job about which you'd like to share?  If so, we are looking for speakers for 8th grade Career Day on Friday, December 4.  If you are interested, please complete the form below, and someone will contact you to schedule.

Updated: Oct 6 2015 - 9:42am

Don’t forget: families have a three-day weekend coming up soon! We have a staff professional development day coming up on Monday, October 12. While your children won’t be here, our teachers will still be at work. We have a number of workshops and activities planned here at school. Sometimes our students just can’t stay away, so please remind your children it’s not a day to visit the school.

Updated: Oct 6 2015 - 6:06pm

Please take a moment to answer a short survey* about our school and district websites.

Campbell Union School District redesigned its school and district websites to be easier to use on all types of digital devices AND to make it easier for parents to find the information they seek most often. Your answers to survey will help us reach those expectations and to refine and improve our websites for those who use them. The survey closes October 16th.

* The link for English is:  
En Español: 

Updated: Oct 2 2015 - 1:12pm

 The community will celebrate 11 talented student authors at CUSD’s 13th Annual Rising Young Authors awards on October 14, 2015, at 7 p.m., at the Barnes & Noble Bookstore on Stevens Creek Blvd. The students will speak to the audience about their books and later autograph copies for fans who bring copies with them to the event.

 Guest author Clara Lee, a former Campbell Middle School student and author of Cupcake Theory, will speak to the students about her experience as a student who later became a published author.

 The Rising Young Authors are a select group of students whose short stories, essays, research papers and poems were among the hundreds entered in the District’s annual Writing Faire. Judges review the entries for technical excellence, focus, structure, use of creative expression, vocabulary, word combinations, and originality in ideas and/or presentation of ideas.

 The award includes one professionally produced copy of the student's work for the school library and a personal copy to keep, a $20 gift certificate from the Assistance League of Los Gatos-Saratoga, a personal writer’s journal from Barnes & Noble, and a chance to win a Kindle e-reader from School Innovations & Achievement.  Barnes & Noble will also donate a portion of sales from that day to the school district to support library and/or writing programs.

The 2015 Rising Young Author for Monroe  Middle School is  Andres J. Sanchez for his story "The Black Blizzard." To view his and other works online, or to order your own copy, go to


Updated: Oct 2 2015 - 3:43pm

The safety of our students is our number one priority, so we are asking you to obey all traffic laws and watch your speed around campus.  Please be patient, considerate, and respectful to pedestrians, others on the road, and our neighbors.  In addition, please do not park your car in the drop-off/pick-up areas or in front of neighbors' driveways.  If we all work together, we can make drop-off and pick-up smooth and safe for everyone.

Updated: Sep 21 2015 - 2:50pm

We are currently in the early phase of expanding our existing 40’ x 80’ garden to a 64’ x 80’ area.  We are seeking student/staff/parent donations to expand our existing garden by 24’.  Any monetary donation is appreciated and tax deductible. Our goal is to raise more than $2000.00 towards the cost of the new garden expansion.  We are also seeking parent volunteers to help our teachers in the garden.

 Over the summer, our district extended the fence and later this year will hook up electrical/water to our new expansion.  Monetary donations will be used to purchase materials to build eight new raised beds (one 6’ x 4’, seven 8’ x 4’); berries for our new berry patch; six additional fruit trees; garden soil; de-composite granite for the walk ways; drip irrigation; a worm bin; three shade structures; a sink to clean tools/hands; eight recirculating hydroponics units which will help us conserve water (a dedicated 20x12ft area to investigate water usage, crop production rate, and efficient usage of space, and nutritional crop requirements); an insect hotel complete with mason bee nests (which requires students to harvest, clean, and  store the cocoons before releasing them back into the garden); and a tranquility area with a rock bubbler to remember deceased Monroe students/staff and a place for students to enjoy the tranquility of reflection.  The new garden layout can be viewed at

Our new hydroponics area will enable students to focus on solutions to the human impact on our environment, nutrient, nutritional plant requirement, engage in STEM activities, investigate best farming practices and the pros/cons of hydroponic gardening, and explore the challenges of providing organic food with minimal water usage. Through comparing hydroponics and conventional growing methods, students can investigate water usage, crop production rate, and efficient usage of space, and nutritional crop requirements. 

 The reflection area will include a recirculating rock bubbler, benches, and a shade structure.  The area will be located within our hummingbird/butterfly area and be surrounded by perennials and several fruit trees. A dedicated reflection area will allow our students to quietly honor deceased Monroe students, staff members, and family members.  It will also be a tranquil place to take a few minutes to reflect on the days’ events, explore one’s inner self, reduce stress, feel refreshed, and feel connected.

Please help support MMS garden by either making a monetary donation or volunteering your time.  Please contact


Updated: Sep 21 2015 - 2:52pm

Are you or do you know someone who is looking for exciting challenges and opportunities to make a difference in the lives of students in a supportive and fun environment? There are many job opportunities in the district.  We currently are in need of both classified and certificated substitutes as well as hourly nursing support.  For more information about the many job opportunities available in the district, please go to

Proficient English skills required, proficient Spanish skills desired.

Updated: Oct 4 2015 - 4:35pm
Save 10% on your yearbook if you order before October 30th!  Order now and SAVE!  For every yearbook purchased, treering will plant a tree.  Last year Treering planted 187 trees for Monroe Middle School.

Click here to access the website.  Enter our school code:  1013402154572370 and order your softcover, or upgrade to a hard cover yearbook.   You CAN pay by check, just click on the payment method drop down menu and choose "check".  Credit cards and debit cards are also accepted. Click here for a video that shows you how to create an account with treering and begin editing your yearbook pages. If you had an account last year, you can use the same account again this year. Yearbooks ordered prior to May 1 will be delivered at the end of the year.  There will be NO individual yearbooks for sale in June - all orders are online.

Updated: Sep 15 2015 - 9:28am

The scores are in!  This year’s scores are better thought of as a starting point or baseline for the progress we expect students to make over time. We see these tests as an academic checkup. Similar to class assignments and report cards, they are just one measurement in a set of tools on student progress used to provide you and your child’s teacher(s) with information about your student’s work toward the high goals we have set.

The assessment results indicate our students performed well in some content areas and need more support in other content areas. We expect to see both individual and district student achievement growth in subsequent administrations of the CAASPP assessments.

Once the official results are received, your child’s teacher(s) will use them to help set learning goals for his/her students this year.  A copy of the results will also be sent to you in mid-October

If you have questions or concerns about the report, please call the school office to arrange a conference with your student’s teacher(s).

Updated: Aug 26 2015 - 4:43pm

Officials from the State of California will be releasing scores from the State’s new testing system in September, not August, as originally planned.

“We are taking an abundance of caution to ensure that the substantial amount of data we are receiving is properly collected and placed in new files on a new site,” said Department of Education spokeswoman Pam Slater. “Additionally, the department will be launching a new website to display the results and needs sufficient time to test the new site.”

Campbell Union School District (CUSD) students participated in the new testing system, known as Smarter Balanced, last spring. The assessments are computer-based tests that measure student knowledge of California’s English Language Arts and Mathematics standards for grades 3-8.

“We’re glad they want everything to be accurate and complete before sending out the official reports,” said CUSD Superintendent Eric Andrew. “This year’s scores are a new baseline for measuring student progress, and we all want them to be reliable.”

Andrew said teachers have multiple ways to measure student achievement, so they can still tailor instruction to the student’s needs and talk to parents about how to continue progress on meeting standards.  When the assessment data comes in, it will be added to the mix, he said.

State officials plan to release scores to schools in early September, and if all goes according to plan, parents would see official student score reports in the fall. They also caution against comparing scores from the new tests with those from old tests. The new tests are too fundamentally different from the old ones to make any reliable comparisons between the two, they said.


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  • Period 1 8:05–9:01
  • Period 2 9:05–9:59
  • Break 9:59–10:09
  • Period 3 10:13–11:07
  • Period 4 11:11–12:05
  • Lunch 12:00–12:40
  • Period 5 12:44–1:38
  • Period 6 1:42–2:36
  • Period 1 8:05–8:53
  • Period 2 8:57–9:43
  • Break 9:43–9:53
  • Period 3 9:57–10:43
  • Period 4 10:47–11:33
  • Lunch 11:28–12:08
  • Period 5 12:12–12:58
  • Period 6 1:02–1:48
  • Period 1 8:05–9:01
  • Period 2 9:04–9:57
  • Break 9:57–10:13
  • Period 3 10:17–11:10
  • Period 4 11:14–12:07
  • Lunch 12:02–12:42
  • Period 5 12:46–1:39
  • Period 6 1:43–2:36

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