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Updated Wed, Aug 5th
A few updates from our Principals   Read More
Updated Wed, Aug 5th
Students’ First Day is Monday, August 24th   Read More
Updated Wed, Jul 29th
Virtual meeting simulcast in English and Spanish. Recording posted on YouTube.   Read More
Updated Wed, Jul 29th
Specifics for remote and in-person learning for elementary and middle school students   Read More
Updated Thu, Jul 23rd
Details and more will be emailed Friday, July 24th.   Read More
Updated Thu, Jul 16th
Phase-In Plan Calls for Distance Learning to Start the School Year   Read More
Updated Wed, Jul 8th
A Message from Superintendent Viramontez   Read More
Updated Tue, Jun 30th
Grab and go meals now through August 14th   Read More
Updated Sat, Jun 27th
Emphasis on promoting inclusion, removing inequities   Read More
Updated Fri, Jun 26th
Friday Briefing from the Superintendent - June 26, 2020   Read More
Updated Thu, Jun 18th
Parents/Guardians urged to check students’ online communications while school is out   Read More

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Bell Schedule

  • Period 18:00–8:58
  • Period 29:02–9:56
  • Break9:56–10:06
  • Period 310:10–11:04
  • Period 411:08–12:02
  • Lunch/5th Swap12:02–1:35 *
  • Period 61:39–2:34

* (A Day: 6th) (B Day: 7th/8th)
Lunch 12:02-12:37 & 5th 12:41-1:35

(A Day: 7th/8th) (B Day: 6th)
5th 12:06-1:00 & Lunch 1:00-1:35

  • Period 18:00–8:48
  • Period 28:52–9:36
  • Break9:36–9:46
  • Period 39:50–10:34
  • Period 410:38–11:22
  • Lunch/5th Swap11:22–12:45 *
  • Period 612:49–1:34

* (A Day: 6th) (B Day: 7th/8th)
Lunch 11:22-11:57 & 5th 12:01-12:45

(A Day: 7th/8th) (B Day: 6th)
5th 11:26-12:10 & Lunch 12:10-12:45

  • Period 18:00–8:57
  • Period 29:01–9:54
  • Break9:54–10:11
  • Period 310:15–11:08
  • Period 411:12–12:05
  • Lunch/5th Swap12:05–1:37 *
  • Period 61:41–2:34

* (A Day: 6th) (B Day: 7th/8th)
Lunch 12:05-12:40 & 5th 12:44-1:37

(A Day: 7th/8th) (B Day: 6th)
5th 12:09-1:02 & Lunch 1:02-1:37


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