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Updated: Sep 1 2015 - 3:52pm

Come join us for a Quesadilla Dinner before Back To School Night, Tuesday, September 8 from 4:30 - 5:45 p.m.  Our menu: Chicken, steak ground beef or cheese quesadilla with a side of rice and beans for $6.00 a plate.  Family special - 4 plates for $20!  Drinks are available for $1.00 each and homemade baked goods will be available for dessert, $.50 - $1.00.  Please pre-order, forms are going home this week.  There will be a limited number of dinners for sale on that night. Proceeds from the Quesadilla Dinners will help support the 2016 8th Grade East Coast Trip.  Email Miz_Fran at for more information and/or to sign your eighth grader for the trip during Spring Break.

Updated: Sep 1 2015 - 2:16pm

Back To School Night

 Monroe Middle School’s Back to School Night is *Tuesday, Sept. 8., at 6:00 pm.  Please meet in the Event Center at 6:00 pm for introductions and information about the evening.

After that, we will be folowwing an open house format, so there is no set schedule.  Have your Monroe student show you his/her classes and introduce you to his/her teachers. A flyer will be coming home this week with your child's schedule on the back; some teachers may have scheduled presentation times, so please check the back of the flyer to see if your child’s teachers do. This is not a time for a parent-teacher conference; those are scheduled during the week of Oct. 19-23.  Instead, this is a time for you to meet your child’s teachers and get to know them and learn more about their classes.


In addition to classroom visitations, there will be opportunities for you to participate in other activities. The computer lab will be open so that you can get help signing-up for Power School alerts.   You can visit the Bookfaire in the library, purchase Maverick Wear, buy Hawaiian Ice at the Kona Ice truck, and join the PTA.  We will be showing a supervised movie in the cafeteria for children ages 5 and up; we encourage you to send your younger children to the cafeteria to watch the movie while your Monroe student shows you around. In addition, a quesadilla dinner will be available from 4:30 – 5:45 pm for $6/person or $20/family 4-pack.

We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday, September 8, at 6:00 pm.  Please contact your child’s teacher or the office if you have any questions.

*This date has been changed from the original of 9/14 in honor of Rosh Hashanah. 

Updated: Aug 26 2015 - 3:59pm

We know that drop-off and pick-up during the first few weeks of school can be quite hectic, and we want to get everyone in and out as quickly as possible.  However, the safety of our students is our number one priority, so we are asking you to obey all traffic laws and watch your speed around campus.  Please be patient, considerate, and respectful to pedestrians, others on the road, and our neighbors.  In addition, please do not park your car in the drop-off/pick-up areas.  If we all work together, we can make drop-off and pick-up smooth and safe for everyone.

Updated: Aug 26 2015 - 4:43pm

Officials from the State of California will be releasing scores from the State’s new testing system in September, not August, as originally planned.

“We are taking an abundance of caution to ensure that the substantial amount of data we are receiving is properly collected and placed in new files on a new site,” said Department of Education spokeswoman Pam Slater. “Additionally, the department will be launching a new website to display the results and needs sufficient time to test the new site.”

Campbell Union School District (CUSD) students participated in the new testing system, known as Smarter Balanced, last spring. The assessments are computer-based tests that measure student knowledge of California’s English Language Arts and Mathematics standards for grades 3-8.

“We’re glad they want everything to be accurate and complete before sending out the official reports,” said CUSD Superintendent Eric Andrew. “This year’s scores are a new baseline for measuring student progress, and we all want them to be reliable.”

Andrew said teachers have multiple ways to measure student achievement, so they can still tailor instruction to the student’s needs and talk to parents about how to continue progress on meeting standards.  When the assessment data comes in, it will be added to the mix, he said.

State officials plan to release scores to schools in early September, and if all goes according to plan, parents would see official student score reports in the fall. They also caution against comparing scores from the new tests with those from old tests. The new tests are too fundamentally different from the old ones to make any reliable comparisons between the two, they said.

Updated: Aug 25 2015 - 9:05am

Come have coffee with the principal!  It is an opportunity to meet with me to discuss concerns, ask questions, and socialize with other parents.  The first date is September 3 at 8:30 AM in the staff lounge. 

Updated: Aug 24 2015 - 2:27pm

Monroe Middle School is holding elections to fill three parent positions on the School Site Council. The Site Council is the only group on campus that consists of elected representatives from the staff, and parents.  They oversee school improvement efforts, including approving and monitoring the school plan and a portion of the school budget.  If you are interested in being on the parent ballot, please contact Dawnel Sonntag at (408)556-0360 x5055 or by Monday, August 31.

Updated: Aug 12 2015 - 12:14pm

Remember, free/reduced lunch applications can be completed online for a faster response; you'll know if you have been approved within 24-hours.

Updated: Jul 27 2015 - 1:23pm

If you need bussing for the 2015-16 school year, please see the instructions at

Updated: Apr 5 2015 - 8:01pm

Parent resources to help you help your child in school

At Monroe Middle School, we partner with parents to help children succeed. That’s why we’re letting you know about three resources that may help you support your child’s learning from home.

Homework help: Visit our Standards webpage at, or ask your child’s teacher.

Planning ahead:  The calendar for NEXT school year is here. The school is sending a paper copy to you, but you can view it online at More parent access online.

Here is a link to some parent math resources:

Updated: Apr 5 2015 - 7:53pm

 Click here to access the website.  Enter our school code:  1013402154572370 and order your softcover, or upgrade to a hard cover yearbook.   You CAN pay by check, just click on the payment method drop down menu and choose "check".  Credit cards and debit cards are also accepted. Click here for a video that shows you how to create an account with treering and begin editing your yearbook pages. If you had an account last year, you can use the same account again this year. Yearbooks ordered prior to May 1 will be delivered at the end of the year.  There will be NO individual yearbooks for sale in June - all orders are online.


Bell Schedule

  • Period 1 8:05–9:01
  • Period 2 9:05–9:59
  • Break 9:59–10:09
  • Period 3 10:13–11:07
  • Period 4 11:11–12:05
  • Lunch 12:00–12:40
  • Period 5 12:44–1:38
  • Period 6 1:42–2:36
  • Period 1 8:05–8:53
  • Period 2 8:57–9:43
  • Break 9:43–9:53
  • Period 3 9:57–10:43
  • Period 4 10:47–11:33
  • Lunch 11:28–12:08
  • Period 5 12:12–12:58
  • Period 6 1:02–1:48
  • Period 1 8:05–9:01
  • Period 2 9:04–9:57
  • Break 9:57–10:13
  • Period 3 10:17–11:10
  • Period 4 11:14–12:07
  • Lunch 12:02–12:42
  • Period 5 12:46–1:39
  • Period 6 1:43–2:36

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