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Updated Wed, May 12th

Please join us this Saturday for our Drive Thru Community Health Fair.  In collaboration with our community partners we will have resources, healthy snacks, hygiene kits, and health insurance sign ups.  Please check out our flyer below for more information.


Updated Wed, May 12th

Do all the chores for a family member for a  week as a way to show your appreciation for  them. Lighten someone’s load this week. Doing acts  of service like this can help free up someone’s  time which, during a busy week, can be a great  gift!






Updated 16 min 7 sec ago

Please remember were are attending classes in person on wednesdays. 

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This week our counseling department is spotlighting College and Career information with our students. Please check out our counseling department page for all the information.


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As a result of  COVID-19, last year's seventh graders did not receive the California state adopted Teen Talk curriculum.  Therefore, CUSD will present the curriculum to this year's 8th graders and this year's 7th graders.  RHMS will present the material in its science and PE classes beginning in April.  Please check your email for more information.

The webinar link is here.

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Campbell residents who are between in 7th to 12th grades may apply to be a Youth Commissioner.  Applications are due by May 17th, 2021.

Click here for details.

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Please open this link to view the video

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Please click on this link to view the video

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Hazel Health

Last week we shared about our exciting collaboration with Hazel Health.  We are very excited to be able to offer this service to our families at home and eventually at school.  We do ask that all families review the Student Health form even if you do not want to participate at this time.  Please visit this link to complete the form.  


When students are not feeling well, they often miss more school when they can’t see a doctor. We are making doctor visits available to all students through Hazel, so they can receive medical care and return to learning faster. Wondering whether your child has allergies or a potential flu? Your child says they have a headache that just won’t go away, and you’re not sure whether it’s serious? Hazel can help, by providing access to a video doctor visit through your school nurse office, or from home virtually. Hazel provides extended student health services including medical treatment, medication and coordination with your family physician and school.

Contact a doctor by clicking here:

Salud Hazel

La semana pasada compartimos sobre nuestra emocionante colaboración con Hazel Health. Estamos muy emocionados de poder ofrecer este servicio a nuestras familias en casa y eventualmente en la escuela. Pedimos que todas las familias revisen el formulario de Salud del estudiante incluso si no desean participar en este momento. Visite este enlace para completar el formulario.


Cuando los estudiantes no se sienten bien, a menudo faltan más a la escuela cuando no pueden ver a un médico. Estamos haciendo que las visitas al médico estén disponibles para todos los estudiantes a través de Hazel, para que puedan recibir atención médica y volver a aprender más rápido. ¿Se pregunta si su hijo tiene alergias o una posible gripe? ¿Su hijo dice que tiene un dolor de cabeza que simplemente no desaparece y usted no está seguro de si es grave? Hazel puede ayudar brindándole acceso a una visita al médico por video a través de la enfermería de su escuela o desde su casa virtualmente. Hazel brinda servicios de salud para estudiantes extendidos que incluyen tratamiento médico, medicamentos y coordinación con su médico de familia y la escuela.

Comuníquese con un médico haciendo clic aquí:

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  • Parents or guardians are required to conduct symptom screening at home with their child each day prior to arrival to school
  • All parents need to sign the COVID-19 Symptom Check Agreement acknowledging they will conduct these daily symptoms check. This agreement was part of the Parental Agreement packet you filled out that the beginning of the year
  • Students are to stay home if they exhibit any COVID-19 symptoms. COVID-19 symptoms include:
○Shortness of breath/difficulty breathing
○Muscle or body aches
○Recent loss of taste or smell
○Sore throat
  • Students with any identified COVID-19 symptoms and/or a temperature of 100.0 °F or higher will be sent home immediately until testing and/or medical evaluation has been conducted. The student will wait in a safe, isolated area until the parent or caregiver arrives.
  • As we enter cold and flu season, please be aware that children may exhibit symptoms not associated with COVID-19. If you are concerned about symptoms, please keep your child home and consult your physician.