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Updated Tue, Nov 12th

Positive school attendance is critical to a child’s success in school. One missed school day equals six hours of missed classroom instruction. Every day counts.  A good routine begins at home with a consistent schedule for waking up and going to bed. Students should have their backpack and materials ready the night before for in preparation for a successful day.

We recommend parents to review their child’s attendance every two weeks. You can view your child’s attendance on PowerSchool Parent Portal or you may request an attendance print-out from our school attendance assistant, Christy Naderi at cnaderi [at] If you have not set-up your Powerschool parent account to view your child’s attendance and grades, please contact Monroe registrar, Erin Rupp at erupp [at]

Below are a few key reminders about attendance:

·        First period begins every day at 8:00am.

·        Attendance is taken in every class period, 1st-6th, each day.  *When students are absent 18 class periods, a truancy letter will be generated.

·        Students who arrive after 8:30am are considered truant. * 3 truant incidents will generate a truancy letter.

·        If your child misses school, please call the 24 hour attendance line (408) 341-7022 or email cnaderi [at] to verify your child’s absence. Every absence must be verified.

·        Absences must be verified within 20 school days.

·        Parent are encouraged to schedule medical appointments after 2:34 pm. If your child arrives to school late or leaves early for an appointment, parents must verify the late arrival and/or early departure.

·        For a list of excusable absences, please review our attendance policies located in our 2019-2020 parent handbook. The link is below: 

Updated Tue, Nov 12th

The Red Ribbon campaign is the oldest and largest drug prevention program. Every year, during October 23rd-31st, schools across the nation recognize Red Ribbon week through various awareness activities that educate students about the dangers involving drug use. This year we held daily morning trivia contests regarding vaping and drug use in addition to lunch time activities where we handed out resources on the impact of vaping and marijuana use to students. In addition, we held a poster and video contest in which students collaborated on projects to share the why and the importance of being drug free. Staff voted on each selection. There was  a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winner in each category.

Congratulations to the winners and to all those who participated to bring awareness on this important topic!

1st Place Video Winners                            1st Place Poster Winner

Orlando Morales                                            Varsha Vimal

Samir Sultan

Luis Ramos

2nd Place Video Winners                           2nd Place Poster Winners

Bryce Sumi                                                     Citlaly Bernal

Issac Mairena                                                  Audrey Do

                                                                           Tegan Haselden

                                                                           Aniyah Reece Williams

3rd Place Video Winners                            3rd Place Poster Winners

Sienna Denson                                                Issac Mairena

Jaqueline Barrera                                           Kevin Gomez Rodriguez

Sophia Urias                                                    Andre Salazar

Quyen Pham                                                    Daniel Mendez Ramirez

Updated Tue, Nov 12th

Join us at our November PTA Events!

  • Goodwill Donation Drive:  Clean out those closets and the garage!  Bring your donations and e-waste to Monroe Sunday, November 10 8am-2pm for our Goodwill Donation Drive. All donations are tax deductible and go to a great cause, your Monroe PTA. Goodwill accepts books, clothing, shoes, household items, computers, TV's, small kitchen appliances, DVDs, VHS, glassware, linens, holiday lights...
  • Tacolicious Dine Out Event:  Every Monday in November, Tacolicious in Santana Row will donate 15% of all sales to Monroe.  Head over for a delicious meal while supporting Monroe.  No need for a flier, just show up and eat! 
  • General PTA Meeting: Join us on Wednesday, November 20 at 7pm in the Staff Lounge and hear about the great things going on at Monroe, including reports from our administrators and teachers.
Updated Thu, Nov 7th

7th grade students read and learned about Salva Dut in the novel A Long Walk to Water. After learning that he created the organization Water for South Sudan, which helps build and sustain wells to provide clean water for villages in South Sudan, students wanted to help out.  The 7th students were inspired and helped raised funds for Salva Dut's organization. The students beat their initial goal of $500 and raised over a $1,000 in two weeks. We are so proud of the empathy, collaboration, and passion our 7th students demonstrated as they raised fund for a great cause. Awesome job Mavericks!

Updated Thu, Nov 7th

Thank you to all who attended the first band concert of the year here at Monroe Middle. The students performance was superb. We look forward to many more wonderful performances like this one. Congratulations students on a job well done. 

Updated Wed, Oct 23rd

You may have heard the saying: “It takes a village to raise a child.” In our “village,” we have the benefit of the Monroe Middle School Campus Collaborative.

The Campus Collaborative, a joint initiative between CUSD and School Linked Services, engages school staff, families and local community agencies and organizations in developing partnerships that support programs and services in the following four areas:

  • Building Community
  • Academic Services
  • Services and Facilities
  • Health and Safety

The group’s first meeting of the school year was Wed., Oct. 23rd. Community partners attending included Campbell Rotary, Foothill College Family Engagement Institute, Santa Clara County Office of Education, CASSY, County Probation Dept., Catholic Charities, Project Hope, Bascom Community Library, and MMS staff and parents.

Updated Thu, Nov 7th

I want to thank the nearly 70 parents and staff who attended the MMS community meeting this week to better understand what the school and district staff are doing to support student safety at Monroe.

Our meeting was constructive and positive, with people sharing their concerns and suggestions, and several people even offering to volunteer for lunch supervision or to meet other needs of the school. If you are interested in supporting lunch time supervision or intramurals, please use our parent/guardian volunteer form on our website or obtain one in our school office.

The PTA president also shared that PTA is a wonderful way to be and stay connected with the happenings of the school.  The next meeting is on Wed., Nov. 20, from 7-8 p.m. Monroe PTA information is also online. 

As an administrator returning to Monroe Middle School, this is a special school to me, and I want to ensure that it is also special for our students. My goal is for this school to be a safe place for your child to get a rigorous education in a positive environment.

The input we received at the community meeting left me encouraged that, together, we can achieve that goal for all of our Monroe students.

We have a PDF of the presentation—in English and Spanish—that Superintendent Viramontez and I shared at the meeting. 

Also, we have scheduled a follow-up meeting for Tuesday, December 10th, starting at 7 p.m.

Updated Wed, Oct 23rd
Let’s celebrate! 
head shot of fran

Friday, October 18th the Santa Clara County After School Collaborative honored it’s champions, including our very own Francina Chambers. She received her cereal box at a morning awards event.  Ms. Fran was nominated for her ongoing commitment to our Monroe community during the school day and Beyond the Bell

“Ms. Fran is the Godmother of Monroe Middle School.  It is her caring and watchful eye that recognizes when the school’s community is in need and finds every way in her sphere of influence to make our campus a better place.  She is one of the first to arrive to campus and one of the last to leave.  If she is not planning the East Coast Trip, sending morning reminders to be kind, supervising lunch line, managing the book fair, giving a troubled student a pep talk, or running her girl scout troop she can be found in any staff’s corner reminding us of why we are here.  We owe her a great debt that we will never be able to repay … so we will all pay it forward. Thank you for being resilient, firm, faithful and kind.  You are our rock."
Take a bow, you are loved. 
Updated Wed, Oct 16th

Monroe Middle School students have great potential. In our continued efforts to help them focus on learning and attain that excellence, Monroe Middle School is welcoming a School Resource Officer. 

Starting next week, a School Resource Officer will be on campus daily to help us in our commitment to maintain safety within our school community, build positive relationships, and reinforce our expectations of our PBIS Maverick Code:  Be safe, Be respectful and Be responsible. 

Campbell Union School District has a long-standing partnership with the local police departments within our district boundaries. They provide us with input for each school site’s school safety plan along with providing direct site support through their school officer liaison department. San Jose Police Department is a partner in the Monroe Campus Collaborative, which includes representation from various local agencies and organizations who provide support to our students and their families. SJPD is a valued partner, and we are excited to expand this partnership. 

Our School Resource Officer will be an important part of our dedicated Maverick community as we all work to provide the best educational experiences for our students as we educate them to their highest potential.

Updated Wed, Oct 16th

On Monday, October 21, District Superintendent Shelly Viramontez and Monroe Principal Eric Brown will share what the school and district are doing to promote a safe and positive school climate and hear from attendees about their concerns.

Monday, October 21, 2019 from 7-8pm, 
Monroe Middle School – PLC Meeting Room
1055 S. Monroe Street, San José CA 95128
(PLC is located on Genevieve Lane, near the gymnasium)