Spend the year exploring your creative side.  Students will have two experiences in the Arts, Ceramics and Art 4.  Time will be split between the Ceramics and Art Labs.  Students will have the opportunity to look at and make art, applying techniques and skills using different materials.  During the year, students will study the elements and principals of design.  We will think about, talk about and make judgments on works of art, including our own.  Critiques are in both verbal and written forms.

In Ceramics Lab students will create three-dimensional forms and learn different methods of hollowing out those forms resulting in complex sculptures.  In the lab, students will explore personal expression.  Realistic, cartoon and abstract styles will be covered in the curriculum.  In Art Lab, students learn skills to draw realistically, 3D, and fantasy.  Students will learn about color mixing and paint, and build sculptures.  Materials will include pastels, pencils, colored pencils, recycled materials, and much more.  All the while students will be learning the language of art!