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Staff Directory

Office · Principal
RStephensradle [at]

Office · Assistant Principal
psieler [at]

Office · Dean of Students
lochoa [at]

Office · Office Assistant/Attendance
PHaro [at]

School Clerk/Health
DMartinezrodriguez [at]

Office · School Administrative Assistant
BPage [at]

Office · Administrative Office Assistant
bsolis [at]

Office · Teacher on Special Assignment - Math Specialist
Website  KAhrens [at]

naleman [at]

1 · 7th / 8th Physical Education
AArciga [at]

R-4 · School Counselor
Website  aarzadon [at]

Instructional Assistant
ABhatti [at]

24 · 8th Social Studies
eblaha [at]

PE - Office /Rm · 7th / 8th Physical Education
WBrown [at]

mchen [at]

R-4 · School Counselor
Website  adavila [at]

40 · 7th English/Social Studies/AVID
JosDavis [at]

18 · 6th English/Social Studies/Physical Education
NDesai [at]

sdickens [at]

sdubon-medrano [at]

Band / Music
MDuena [at]

mfargo [at]

Cafeteria · Nutrition Assistant
SFaulkner [at]

R-1 · SLS Coordinator
Website  MaGarcia [at]

11 · Resource Specialist
CGarciacruz [at]

22 · Seneca Counselor
lgonzalez-hernandez [at]

MGubba [at]

anguzman [at]

45 ·
shernandez [at]

19 · 6th Grade ELA/SS Core
liannucci [at]

R-5 · Skips Counselor
ejohnson [at]

Instructional Assistant
BKhandelwal [at]

27 · Teacher on Special Assignment - Equity
Website  CLee [at]

14 · 6th Math/Science/PE
JLim [at]

slulu [at]

Instructional Assistant
SMahatme [at]

ART Room · Art
mmaravelias [at]

53,52,51 · Coordinator-Cls
tmarcoida [at]

amelesse [at]

jmendozamelchor [at]

gpalmerin [at]

Rm 6 · 6th-8th PE, Leadership Class
Website  TParrott [at]

spearson [at]

31 · 8th Grade Science, AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination)
Website  JPizzica [at]

44 · 7th English/Social Studies
CPonceramirez [at]

mquezada [at]

Library · Librarian
RReed [at]

Rm 17 · 6th Grade Math/Science/PE
jreynolds [at]

26 · 8th Language Arts & Social Studies
Website  brezzonico [at]

Recreation / AM Care Leader
crichardson [at]

R-2 · School Counselor
BRivera [at]

R-6 · AMFT
MRojas [at]

KRomer [at]

GRosales [at]

39 · AVID Excel and English Language Development
Website  crubino [at]

osawyer [at]

37 · 7th Grade Math
PSchoeppler [at]

Instructional Assistant
ASgarlato [at]

43 · Math 7/8
ashimotsu [at]

AShimotsu [at]

20, 36 · 7th Math, STEAM, Math Coach
KSnedeker [at]

22 · Seneca Counselor
VSoria [at]

12 · Behavior Specialist II
IThompson [at]

34 · 7th Grade Science
RTimpson [at]

mturon [at]

32 · 7th Grade Science, Avid
JVanaken [at]

Recreation / AM Care Leader
GVasquez [at]

38 · 6th-8th Spanish Teacher, 7th grade AVID Excel
pvelazquez [at]

nvergara [at]

15 · 6th Math/Science/PE
lwyrick [at]

jyee [at]