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Upcoming Events

Thank you!

A Message from Superintendent

Dear CUSD Families:
As another school year closes, I want to thank you for being our partner in providing the highest quality educational programs possible for all of our students. 
We made great strides in 2017-18, refining our focus on preparing students for the rigors, challenges and opportunities of their future. I look forward to working together on that important job in the coming school year.
For now, I thank you, and I hope you and your family will take the time to enjoy some well-deserved summer fun.  

Shelly Viramontez, Ed.D.

8th Grade Awards Ceremony

On Tuesday, June 12, at 10:00 am in the Event Center, we will be honoring many of our 8th graders for their success during their time at Monroe.  Families of students receiving awards have been notified.

8th Grade Promotion Ceremony

Please join us on June 13 at 9:00 am for the 8th grade Promotion Ceremony.  8th graders participating in the ceremony must be in the Event Center, dressed, no later than 8:30 am. The ceremony will take place on the back blacktop at the corner of Clifton and Genevieve.  Parents may start finding seats at 8:00 am; seats are first-come, first-served. 

Balloons, flowers, and other gifts will be available for purchase, as will coffee, water, and breakfast goodies.  If you bring/purchasse balloons for your 8th grader, we will have students collecting them to check them in so that they are not blocking audience views during the ceremony.  If you bring umbrellas or other shade devices, please sit on the edges so that you do not block views. Please do not bring noise makers.

If you have younger children at Monroe whom you would like to see their older siblings' Promotion Ceremony, you can check them out from the office just like you would if you were taking them to the dentist; if you choose to have them return to class after the ceremony, you can check them back into the office.

Order Your Yearbook!

Yearbooks will be delivered beginning Friday, June 8 to 8th grade and the following week to the rest of the grades.  If your yearbook was delivered to school, it will be delivered at this time.  Please be sure to write your name in it and keep track of your yearbook!
Order your Yearbook to be delivered to your home!

 Flyers with ordering after the deadline information are available in the office. 

Click here to access the website.  Enter our school code:  1013402154572370 and order your softcover, or upgrade to a hard cover yearbook.   You CAN pay by check, just click on the payment method drop down menu and choose "check".  Credit cards and debit cards are also accepted.

If you have already ordered a yearbook, personalized pages must be marked "Ready to Print" in order for the yearbook to be delivered with the bulk shipment to school, if it is past the deadline for bulk delivery, you could be charged for shipping.  Books ordered prior to May 5 will be delivered at the end of the year. Yearbooks ordered after May 5 may have to pay for shipping. There will be NO individual yearbooks for sale in June - all orders are online.

PTA Board Members and Committee Chairs Wanted

The PTA Nominating Committee is in the process of finding parents for next year's PTA board. It is imperative that we find some new members as many of the parents on the board have 8th graders and will be moving on from Monroe. The PTA provides support and funding to most programs at the school.

Please consider being on the board--it is a fun way to be involved! Each job is very manageable and much information is passed down each year to give you what you need to do your job.  The job positions are listed below, but we will need help in other areas as well. The PTA Board meets monthly for about 1 1/2 hours in addition to our General PTA meetings that occur about 4 times during the school year.  
If you are interested in one of the positions below or would like to nominate someone, please contact PTA Nominating Committee Chair, Tiffany Hayes, attiffany.hayes [at]

Board Positions:
  • President
Preside at all meetings of the general PTA and board.  Appoint chairmen and members of committees.  Sign all authorizations for payment.  Prepare annual report.  Represent Monroe at district meetings if needed.  Have all outgoing PTA information approved by the principal.  Have all contracts approved by PTA.  Sign checks. 
  • First Vice President--Fundraising
Perform duties of president in their absence.  Organize and run fundraisers through the year --can have committee of their choice to help. Examples of fundraisers can include fall wrapping paper sale, Poinsettia's, See's Candy, popcorn sales, Jog-a-Thon, Escrip, etc...(Tailgate Party has it's own Chairperson(s)--see below)
  • Second Vice President--Membership

Hold membership drive at beginning of year and mid-year.  Retain membership records.  Report membership numbers to the Sixth District. Complete and distribute membership cards. 
  • Secretary

Keep minutes of all PTA meetings.  With president, sign authorizations for payment.  Record all PTA expenditures in the minutes.  

  •  Treasurer

Keep current accounting books of the PTA.  Prepare PTA budget.  Secure signatures of all authorized signers.  Pay all bills, with 2 signatures on all checks.  Pay district, State and National PTA dues.  Present treasurer's report at each meeting.  File necessary reports to State PTA. File necessary taxes.
  • Financial Secretary
Works with Treasurer. Prepare all authorizations for payment.  Keep an accurate record of receipts.  Make deposits.  
  • Auditor
Audit the books and financial records of the association semiannually.  Present a written report to the PTA board semiannually.  
  • Historian
Assemble and preserve a record of activities, achievements and volunteer hours of the PTA.
  • Parliamentarian
Give necessary advice in parliamentary procedure when requested.  Call the first meeting of the nominating committee.  Review the bylaws annually.  
Appointed and Other Positions
  •  Hospitality Co-Chairs
Arrange for snacks at teacher staff meetings as well as PTA general meetings.
  •  Family Fun Night (TAILGATE PARTY) Co-Chairs

Organize the event with theme, food, and entertainment for the evening. Arrange the Silent Auction portion of the night--can also appoint a Silent Auction Chair.
  •  8th Grade Promotion Party Co-Chairs

Arrange theme, food, decorations, and entertainment for evening.

  •  Volunteer Coordinator

 Promote volunteer opportunities for events both PTA and other. Post opportunities on-line using ivolunteer. Work volunteer table (or arrange for someone) at PTA events.
  •  Website Coordinator
Keep PTA website and Facebook up to date and post PTA events 
  •  Publicity 

Help keep PTA website and Facebook up to date and post PTA events. Work with all committees to do flyers/ posters.