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Upcoming Events

Welcome Back

Principal Message to welcome back students and families.

Dear Monroe Families,


We hope this letter finds you well.  Our staff is working diligently to get ready for the start of the new school year and are very excited to welcome back students on August 19th at 8:00 AM.  Please check out our website at for up to day information as well as be on the lookout for our weekly communication that comes out on Wednesdays.


School Schedule

School starts Thursday, August 19th at 8 AM and ends at 2:33 PM.  On Wednesdays, the day ends at 1:33 PM.  Bussing will resume this year.  If your student will be taking the bus our transportation department will be reaching out directly with time and route information.


Marks Requirements

Students will be required to wear masks indoors.  It is optional to wear masks outside.  Additionally, we are making sure that we make changes and adjustments as needed to ensure the safest possible environment for our students and staff.


6th Grade and New Student and Family Orientation

Tuesday, August 17th from 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM we will host our orientation.  The event is going to be set up like a scavenger hunt.  You will need about 30 minutes to complete the orientation.  At the end you will have an understanding of the campus, our services and supports, and get a chance to gather some cool gifts/snacks.  We are collaborating with our School Linked Services team to put on this event.  School Linked Services is a collaboration with community resources to support families with a variety of needs and opportunities.


Returning Student Schedules

Returning students will view the schedules on-line in PowerSchool.  Schedules will be made available on August 17th at 5:00 PM.


School Site Council Members Needed

We are looking for parent/guardian volunteers who would be willing to join our School Site Council.  This is an elected position, the term is two years, and we have three openings.  The School Site Council provides feedback and input into school programming and budgeting.  If you are interested please email Mrs. Radle by August 27th with a brief personal introduction.  


School Uniforms

Uniforms are not required at Monore Middle School. Please review our school policy below.  

Appropriate and modest attire is expected at school. Students should be comfortable without distraction. 

  • Undergarments and torsos must be covered. If clothing is not worn correctly, it must be corrected or parents will be contacted. 

  • Sleepwear and blankets are not to be worn (Exceptions on verified Spirit Day)

  • Hats or hoodies are allowed IF worn appropriately on campus but are subject to individual classroom policies. Face and ears must be visible to school staff. 

  • NO profane, vulgar, sexually suggestive, violent, drug, alcohol, tobacco, or gang-related clothing are allowed. This includes clothing or accessories that are predominantly red or blue. 

Items such as backpacks, belts, and belt buckles will also be monitored. Inappropriate words, designs, or anything causing a distraction may be confiscated and could lead to disciplinary action.


Principal Coffee

Mark your calendars for the first principal coffee on Tuesday, August 24th.  Principal coffee is the 4th Tuesday of every month excluding holiday weeks.  Our first meeting will be covering general school information and previewing some exciting events for this year.


6:00 to 6:50 PM Principal Coffee (Spanish)

7:00 to 7:50 PM Principal Coffee (English)

Zoom Link

Meeting ID: 810 4431 5856

Passcode: 134632

Zoom Link

Meeting ID: 868 4133 2942

Passcode: 505799


As always we are here to answer your questions.  We appreciate you and your support for our school.



Ruth Stephens Radle                                     Veronica Flores

rstephensradle [at] ( )             vflores [at] () 



Help Wanted--School Site Council

We are looking for three new members.

School Site Council Members Needed

We are looking for parent/guardian volunteers who would be willing to join our School Site Council.  This is an elected position, the term is two years, and we have three openings.  The School Site Council provides feedback and input into school programming and budgeting.  If you are interested please email Mrs. Radle by August 27th with a brief personal introduction. 


Meeting: Independent Study Option

Tuesday, August 3, 2021 at 5:30 p.m.

notebook that says: Parent Meeting

Campbell Union School District has scheduled a virtual meeting (via Zoom) about its Independent Study option for the 2021-22 school year. Parents/Guardians who indicated a need for independent study are especially encouraged to attend, although all familes are welcome. Spanish interpretation will be provided.

Date: Aug 3, 2021

Time: 05:30 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Topic: CUSD Independent Study Option 2021-22 School Year

Webinar link:
To join by phone, call 1-669-900-9128 or 1-346-248-7799  
(Webinar ID: 852 4232 5205)

For additional information and future updates, please bookmark our Independent Study web page. (

Update: Independent study option for students at a health risk with in-person instruction

A Message from the Superintendent

classroom with students

Thank you to all of the families who completed our planning survey. The preliminary data shows that most of our students are planning to return for in-person instruction on August 19. The survey for families to inform us that they are considering Independent Study (I.S.) closes on Thur., July 29, at 7p.m.

Responding to the survey that you are considering I.S. does not bind you to that option; it just provides us with the numbers needed for planning.* 

As we shared before, the district has three ways in which we are able to provide I.S. and meet the requirements of a new law, AB 130. To provide the Independent Study program, we intend to have a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with another Local Education Agency (LEA). We are still finalizing this agreement. Once the MOU is final, we will send families who indicated a need for I.S. a notice of a virtual meeting where we will share the specifics of the plan.  

The LEA will provide parents/guardians with a Written Independent Study Agreement that outlines the I.S. program and must be signed in order for the student to participate. Under this written agreement, the student will be enrolled with the LEA for Independent Study. If it is later determined that the student is no longer at a health risk with in-person instruction, the student will be re-enrolled in Campbell Union School District. We will attempt to place the student in the school assigned before choosing I.S., but we cannot guarantee it due to space availability.

 Still need to take the survey?  Take the Survey in English.   Toma la encuesta en español.

* Please note that students with an IEP cannot be placed in I.S. unless/until the IEP team decides it is required for the child to receive Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) and determines this placement is appropriate for the student’s individual needs. For information, please contact Annette Blanco in the Special Education Dept., ablanco [at] or 408-341-7219.

Schools to Open with In-person Learning. New Independent Study Option Announced.

CUSD schools will open with full-day, in-person instruction for all grades. A new law allows for an independent study option for students whose health would be put at risk by in-person instruction, as determined by the parent or guardian.

masked middle school girl raising hand in class


(Clic for Spanish. Haga clic para español)

July 23, 2021

Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s):

We are excited that Campbell Union School District schools will open with full-day, in-person learning for all grades on August 19th. We follow all required public health protocols in order to maintain safe learning environments for students and staff and are committed to educating students to their highest potential. 

Under late-arriving legislation—AB130—we are required to also offer an independent study option for the 2021-2022 school year to students whose health would be put at risk by in-person instruction, as determined by the parent or guardian. 

This letter is your official notice of the option to enroll your student in an independent study (I.S.) program if in-person instruction presents a health risk to your child.

The law allows the district to provide Independent Study in any of three ways: by contracting with another school district, the County Office of Education, or by the district itself. The I.S. program will meet all of the legal requirements for educational progress, grade-level standards, synchronous instruction, student engagement, and transitioning back to in-person instruction within 5 days if the parent/guardian determines that the health risk is no longer an issue.

Published on July 12th for school districts to process, this new law has created a very tight timeline for planning. However, we are able to share the following information with you.


Your student will have rights regarding procedures for enrolling, disenrolling, and re-enrolling in independent study. The independent study option will include:

  • An agreement between the district and the student’s parent/guardian which must be signed no later than September 17, 2021.* 
  • Students with an Individual Education Plan (IEP) shall not participate in independent study unless the student's IEP specifically provides for such participation (Education Code 51745). **
  • When it is determined that a student is no longer at health risk for in-person instruction, the parent must notify the teacher and the enrollment department. The student will be assigned to in-person instruction within 5 school days of the notification, and school placement will be subject to space availability at the time of the transition. We cannot guarantee the student will be placed at the school they were  assigned to prior to I.S.

Moving from in-person instruction to independent study

For students assigned to in-person instruction whose parent/guardian later determines that their student needs independent study due to the child's health risk, the parent/guardian must inform the child’s current teacher, school principal and enrollment department. Enrollment department staff will contact the parent/guardian with information about next steps for the Independent Study placement and agreement.


It is your right to request a parent-educator conference prior to enrolling your student in Independent Study in order to inform your decision and ensure that it is appropriate for your student. To request a parent/educator conference please contact Dr. Pamela Cheng, Director of Teaching and Learning, at pcheng [at] ()


The goal of our independent study program is to provide an alternative to in-person instruction to students whose health is at risk by attending class face-to-face.  As such, independent study is an educational program that provides instruction based on the state-adopted content standards by certificated teachers. There are specific requirements for instructional time that may include both synchronous and asynchronous work. These expectations will be outlined in the students’ written Learning Agreement, which should be signed prior to enrollment and no later than September 17, 2021. 

Your student will have asynchronous and synchronous instructional time as follows. 

  • Grades TK-3: Daily synchronous for all students
  • Grades 4-8: Both daily live & weekly synchronous
Instructional Time Description
Synchronous Instructional Time Classroom-style instruction or designated small group or one-on-one instruction delivered in person, or in the form of internet or telephonic communications and involving live, two-way communication between the teacher and student.  Synchronous instruction shall be provided by the teacher(s) of record for that student.
Live Interaction Interaction between the student and school classified or certificated staff, and may include peers, provided for the purpose of maintaining school connectedness including but not limited to: wellness checks, progress monitoring, provision of services and instruction.  This interaction may take place in person or in the form of internet or telephonic communication.
Asynchronous Instructional Time  Forms of instruction that do not occur in the same place or at the same time. The term is most commonly applied to various forms of digital and online learning in which students learn from instruction—such as prerecorded video lessons or game-based learning tasks that students complete on their own—that are not being delivered in person or in real time. Yet asynchronous learning may also encompass a wide variety of instructional interactions, including email exchanges between teachers, online discussion boards, and course-management systems that organize instructional materials and correspondence, among many other possible variations.

I hope the information provided here will help families as they weigh their child’s health risk against the benefits of in-person instruction. I understand that there is a short timeline for making this determination. Unfortunately, this law was just recently adopted, and we are adapting as quickly as possible.. 


Dr. Shelly Viramontez, Superintendent
Campbell Union School District

* For those parents/guardians who determine in-person instruction would be a health risk for their student, a Written Agreement must be signed no later than September 17, 2021. This agreement will outline the student’s general information, the frequency, time, place and manner for submitting the student's assignments, reporting the student’s academic progress, and communicating with the parent/guardian the academic progress. The specific resources that will be made available to the student and determination of access to internet connectivity and devices to participate in and complete assignments that best suit their child’s needs.  

** Students with an IEP cannot be placed in I.S. unless/until the IEP indicates this placement is appropriate for the student’s individual needs.


If you have not already done so, please respond to our survey about the independent study option as soon as possible.