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Upcoming Events

Future Parent Advice

Character Strong Family Dare 9

At home, ask your students what advice they have for their future parent selves. Be ready to hear some hard things with the good  things you have taught them.  If it feels more safe, ask them to write it down and share it via a letter. It helps if you  role model what this process looks like by reflecting first on the advice you wish you had.




Halloween Costumes

October 29th

Students will be allowed to wear costumes to school on October 29th.  Our leadership class will be having a costume competition that day as well.


If your child wants to wear a costume please keep the following guidelines in mind:

  • No full masks, we need to be able to see student’s eyes 

  • Students need to come to school in the costume

  • All regular dress code guidelines apply

Red RIbbon Week

October 25th through October 29th

Red Ribbon Week is the largest nation-wide drug use prevention campaign in the United States dedicated to informing the students about the risks posed by drug use and encouraging them to live a healthy and fulfilling drug-free life. Since tobacco use and vaping are some of the greatest concerns as it relates to middle school students, Monroe student leaders are preparing a series of videos regarding this theme that will be shown during homeroom each morning. We will also have other events and contests and at the end of the week, all students will be asked to sign a pledge to live drug-free. Every student who signs the pledge and those who participate in events and contests will have an opportunity to win prizes. 


COVID-19 Vaccines for Children Moves Closer to Approval

County planning on vaccine clinics for children at some CUSD schools

young girl wearing mask. hand pushes away germs

This week, the decision about approving COVID-19 vaccines for children under 12 years old came closer to reality. Public health officials anticipate a decision from the CDC in early November.

To support families, our district is working with the Santa Clara County Public Health Department to schedule mobile vaccine clinics specifically for children 5 -11 years old. Once the details are set, we will send notices to our families about when and where the clinics will be available. 

The child-specific vaccine doses will also be available through many pediatricians and  health care providers.

District Changes to ParentSquare for School-to-Home Notices

Watch for a message about ParentSquare from your school November 8-12

hands holding cell phone with message from school

Dear Families,

We heard you. You want a simpler way to manage the many messages you receive from our schools and district programs.

We are excited to announce that we are switching to a new school-to-home communication program, called ParentSquare. ParentSquare is designed to keep parents informed in an easier, more manageable way.

You will be able to choose how to receive the information we send to you: on your computer or phone, email, text, or by downloading the free App.

If you have students in more than one of our schools, you’ll be able to consolidate the messages into one central account. If you have a child in one of Campbell Union High School District’s schools, those messages can also be consolidated for you.

parentsquare on cell phonePlease check out the Parents – Getting Started video for an overview.

We will begin using ParentSquare for school and grade-level messages on November 8-12

Please watch a message from your child’s school inviting you to register with ParentSquare for  the best way to stay informed and to have more control over how you receive school messages.


Estimadas familias,

Los escuchamos. Ustedes quieren una forma más sencilla de administrar los numerosos mensajes que reciben de nuestras escuelas y programas del distrito.

Nos complace anunciar que estamos cambiando a un nuevo programa de comunicación entre la escuela y el hogar, llamado ParentSquare. ParentSquare está diseñado para mantener a los padres informados de una manera más fácil y manejable.

Podrá elegir cómo recibir la información que le enviamos: en su computadora o teléfono, correo electrónico, mensaje de texto o descargando la aplicación gratuita.

Si tiene alumnos en más de una de nuestras escuelas, podrá consolidar los mensajes en una cuenta central. Si tiene un hijo en una de las escuelas del distrito de escuelas preparatorias de Campbell Union, esos mensajes también se pueden consolidar para usted.

Consulte el video Padres: Introducción para obtener una descripción general.

Comenzaremos a usar ParentSquare para mensajes escolares y de nivel de grado del 8 al 12 de noviembre.

Mire un mensaje de la escuela de su hijo que lo invita a registrarse en ParentSquare para conocer la mejor manera de mantenerse informado y tener más control sobre cómo recibe los mensajes de la escuela.