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Update on Schools Response to Poor Air Quality

At this time, Campbell Union School District's and other schools in Santa Clara County are not closing.

Based on guidance from Santa Clara County Public Health, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and Centers for Disease Control (CDC), we have elected to use a threshold of a 275 air quality index (AQI) to determine when to close our schools. We will be monitoring air quality through and informing schools and after-school programs of the guidelines and recommend that families stay informed and be mindful of health concerns.

A joint letter from our Superintendent and the County Superintendent of Schools has more details. It is available online and are emailing it to families via our mass notification system. 

Web to One Initiative Launch

As we prepare for the beginning of Trimester 2, Monroe Middle School students will have the opportunity to take school devices off campus as part of the Web to One Initiative. For more information, see the following exceprts from the parent information letter.

Profile of a Graduate

Making take-home devices available for students in need will allow all of our students access to more personalized and engaging lesson content while supporting them as they become more adept at taking charge of their learning, managing their time, and practicing responsibility. This directly aligns with our Profile of a Graduate as we work to build the competency of self-direction and allows students equitable access to online materials and resources. A focus of this initiative is also digital citizenship, which is the responsible use of technology. Your child will learn and practice digital skills, ethics, etiquette, and online safety.

How might homework look different?

Students will have access to Google Classroom where teachers will post traditional homework along with interactive assignments. Homework may include a short video on different concepts meant to probe their thinking and spark interest. It might also include interactive lessons that let students practice examples, summarize, and question what they don’t understand. Allowing all students access to richer and more engaging content outside of school allows the teacher to maximize their face to face time with students in the classroom, personalizing learning and providing more time for students to apply their new knowledge through collaborative project work.

What does this mean for my student?

  1. Students are expected to complete their homework as assigned.

  2. Students have the ability to watch video content at their own pace, re-watching, rewinding, and pausing when needed.

  3. Absent students will not miss out on instruction, they always have access to class content.

  4. Students are not expected to have full mastery of homework assignments but are expected to come to class prepared and ready to participate in discussions, group assignments, and other assigned tasks.

  5. Students are encouraged to bring any questions or concerns to their teacher’s attention at any time.

What does this mean for me as a parent?

  1. It enables you to be more involved in your child’s education.

  2. You have access to video content and are able to see how lessons are taught.

  3. You are able to have meaningful content related discussions with your child.

  4. You can encourage your child to take their time while watching video lessons and remind them to re-watch, rewind, or pause when necessary to make sense of what is being taught.

  5. You are encouraged to bring any questions or concerns to the teacher’s attention at any time.

  6. As we build student responsibility for bringing the device safely both to and from school, should your student forget his device at home, a limited number of devices will be available for check out.

What if students don’t have access to technology/internet at home?

Since students will be required to access class content for homework via the internet, the following system is being created to meet the needs of all learners:

  • Students are welcome to come to campus before or after school to view content. Facilities and network connectivity will be made available 30 minutes before school starts and 60 minutes after school ends.

  • Families who qualify for the National School Lunch Program are eligible for the Comcast Internet Essentials programing, providing home internet and wifi for $9.95 a month, plus applicable taxes. For more information, please consult the Comcast Internet Essentials website at

  • Families who qualify for the National School Lunch Program may be eligible to receive a hot-spot, providing cellular network internet for their Chromebook at home. Please obtain and fill out the HotSpot interest form from your middle school’s front office to help CampbellUSD determine the number of families needing service.

Online Security​​ ​and Web Filters

Student chromebooks are equipped with web filter software from Securly. This software provides us a cloud based filter so we maintain an age appropriate internet space as well as a way to monitor for cyber bullying and self-harm alerts. You can learn more about Securly by visiting their website: ​


Just like textbooks, library books and other education materials, Chromebooks will be checked out to individual students and those individual students will be responsible for the care of the device. Students are responsible for any costs associated with repairing or replacing district property.

CampbellUSD has negotiated a Group Payment Option program through the Worth Ave. Group, providing insurance coverage for the Chromebook. This optional program costs $33.00 annually and covers the cost of repair or replacement of a device due to accidental damage or theft, with no deductible. Upon receiving the device, participants will have a three week window during which they can self-enroll in the insurance program, if they so choose.

More information about the policy, including sign-up instructions, can be found at the following link:

Any repairs to uninsured Chromebooks will be performed District personnel, and charges will be based on the following:

  • Trackpad & Keyboard: These repairs are normally necessary when the trackpad or keyboard have been intentionally damaged by removing the keys or peeling up the trackpad. Full keyboard replacements are $40.00 and trackpad replacements are $15.00.

  • Screen: These repairs are normally necessary when a device has been dropped or the lid is closed on top of an object. The cost of replacing a screen is $40.00

  • Battery: Battery issues are relatively rare, and repairs will typically be covered by the District due to normal wear and tear on the device. Students will be responsible for any repair cost if it is determined that there is deliberate and intentional damage to the battery. Battery replacements are $30.00 under these circumstances.

  • Full Replacement: If a device is lost or damaged due to liquid spills, the cost of replacing the Chromebook is $320.00


The Web to One Initiative will begin at the start of Trimester 2. 8th Grade students will be the first to receive devices starting Monday, November 26. 6th Grade students will receive their devices on Monday, December 3. 7th Grade students will receive their devices on Monday, December 10. If you do wish for your child to participate in the Web to One program, please complete the opt-out form available in your middle school’s front office.

PTA Events Coming Up

EVERY Monday in November 
Dine Out with Monroe at Tacolicious
Santana Row .  Tacolicious will give 15% of their proceeds to Monroe EVERY Monday during the month of November.
Come out for some delicious food while helping our school!
Mark your calendar for these upcoming events:
Books Inc Shopping Event
Tuesday, November 27 5pm-8pm
Sip & Shop Event at Kendra Scott Santana Row
Friday, December 7 5pm-8pm
Dine Out Event at Corner Bakery Cafe Westgate Shopping Center
Tuesday, December 18 ALL DAY
Mention you are from Monroe 

Introducing the Web to One Initiative

The Campbell Union School District is proud to announce the launch of the Web to One Initiative at Monroe Middle School. This initiative is an opportunity to support authentic, student-driven learning by providing take-home devices for all participating students. Through the Web to One Initiative, all students will be able to access online resources and engage meaningfully with the material outside the traditional classroom walls. We are ensuring that all of our middle school students have access to the devices, tools and services they need to succeed.

For more information about the initiative, including an implementation timeline and parent FAQs, please visit the Web to One information page at

Web to One Rollout Schedule/ Parent Information

The Campbell Union School District is proud to announce the launch of the Web to One Initiative at Monroe Middle School.

When we return from Thanksgiving Break, students will begin the process of checking out their own Chromebook, which they will keep with them throughout the school day and bring home each night.

For more information about the Web to One rollout, please go to our website at

We will also be having a parent information night on Wednesday, November 28 at 6pm in the cafeteria. Please plan on attending if you have any questions about the Web to One initiative.


Web to One Information: