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We look forward to being able to resume these and other enriching opportunities when pandemic restrictions are lifted.

Drop by and visit the library! The Monroe Middle School library is an exceptional space where students can access online learning resources alongside traditional books. The librarian works with teachers to supplement classroom instruction and helps provide context for student learning.  Visit Researcher, our on-line library catalog at:

Worldbook Online at:

Updated Wed, Aug 17th

Mission Statement:
The mission of Monroe's Library/Media Center is to ensure that all of Monroe's students are able to effectively use library systems and technology, in order to find resources that give not only solutions to the personal and academic challenges they face here, but also the inspiration to explore and succeed beyond the walls of Monroe Middle School.

Library Hours

  • Monday 8:30 to 1:30
  • Tuesday 8:30 to 1:30
  • Wednesday 8:30 to 1:30
  • Thursday 8:30 to 1:30
  • Friday 8:30 to 1:30
  • Open at Break 
  • Open at first Lunch Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday
  • Open for both lunches on Wednesday
Updated Wed, Aug 17th

How Big is the Library?

  • 2000 square feet
  • Houses 22,000 plus volumes
  • 12, 500 non-fiction books
  • 7,800 plus fiction books

*Special Note to Teachers

    • The library is open and available to ALL teachers, scheduled or not. 
      The library is not just a place to come to check out books……
    • It is a teacher resource area ---videos, dvds, audio books, > audio players, and boxed sets of books are available.
    • The library supports Common Core curriculum.
    • It is for research. Books and computers can be used inhouse for classes to practice taking notes, searching valid sources, and doing research projects ---Books can be put "on reserve" for specific projects if multiple classes are doing the same project. This method ensures that more students can access the reference materials they need.
      • 2.0 Reading Comprehension —"Students read and understand grade level appropriate material…<.by grade 8,>, … including a good representation of narrative and expository text (e.g.. .literature, magazines, newspapers, online information)"—All Grades K-12
      • 2.0 Writing Application….."2.3c. Include evidence compiled through the formal research process (e.g. use of a card catalog, Reader’s Guide to Periodical Literature, a computer catalog, magazines, …dictionaries.)"—Grade Seven
      • 2.0 Speaking Application……"2.3c Use a variety of primary and secondary sources and distinguish the nature and value of each"—Grade Eight
    • The library is a great educational tool to reinforce the standards!
      Updated Thu, Aug 20th
      1. Check out two books for two weeks at a time
      2. Books can be renewed for two additional weeks, if needed
      3. New checkouts not permitted if there are overdues.
      4.  Overdue lists will be sent to all language arts teachers
      5. Lost or damaged books must be paid for by the end of the school year.
      6. Online library catalog in library to help locate books: Alexandria Researcher
      Updated Thu, Aug 27th

      Encyclopedias, Science, and Social Studies Websites

      On-Line Saftey Information

      Encyclopedias & Comprenhensive Kid websites

      Science Websites

      Social Studies

      Other Libraries and Online Resources

      Booklists for Monroe Students to Enjoy

      Favorites Lists

      Lists of Award Winners

      Updated Fri, Aug 21st

      Donations of “gently used” books are accepted, subject to need and appropriateness of material. If you wish to donate new, age- appropriate award winners and classics are always appreciated, as are up-to-date non-fiction, and educational magazines.

      The library is consistently supported by the PTA and cash donations may be made to them in the name of the library.


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