Opening Plan

Daily Activities

Class Cohorts

A cohort is defined as the reduced number of students coming to school for instruction in person during a week.  In our case, students will either be in A cohort (M/T) or B cohort (Th/F).


Students may take their break in any of the areas open for break.  

  • Students must stay 6ft away from their classmates and keep their masks on with the exception of eating their snack or having a drink.

  • Students are not permitted to share snacks. 

  • To reduce close contact and exposure, please send snacks that your student can open on his/her own.

Bathroom Usage

  • Students may use the bathrooms on demand during class.  The teacher will keep a log and allow one student to go to the bathroom at a time unless there is an emergency. 
  • Students will not be using the bathroom during passing times.
  • Based on the students' classroom assignments they will use assigned bathrooms.

Hallways and Walkways

  • Students will walk in one direction with appropriate spacing between other people.
  • Students will walk in a single file.

Outdoor Instruction and Air Flow

  • Additional outdoor spaces will be available for students to do learning and activities outside whenever possible.
  • Doors and windows will be open, if possible, in classrooms to promote air flow. Please ensure that your child is dressed appropriately. Layers are recommended with all garments labeled with their names.

Meal Pick-Up

  • Staff will follow the requirements issued by the County’s Department of Environmental Health to prevent transmission of COVID-19 in food facilities.
  • Food Services staff will be serving individually bagged lunches for students
  • Students are not to share snacks or utensils with classmates.
  • Pack a full water bottle for your child. Water fountains at school will not be accessible. Students will be able to refill their bottles in the classroom.


To avoid additional exposures, visitors and non-essential personnel are prohibited from entering the school, unless prior approval is granted. Authorized personnel must adhere to all school protocols:

  • Visitors and essential personnel must adhere to social distancing protocols and must use a face covering when entering the facility or meeting with workers.
  • To observe physical distancing, no one should practice handshakes or other greetings involving physical contact.
  • If visitors and essential personnel are symptomatic, they are prohibited from the site.

Reopening Resources

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