Opening Plan

School Routines

Drop-Off and Pick-Up Procedures

In an effort to ensure safety for all students, it is important that parents understand the following procedures that will be put in place for student drop-off/pick-up. Smooth traffic flow requires the help and cooperation of everyone.

Drop Off:

  • Please be on time for your designated drop off time and ensure that your student has their backpack/supplied ready to go when arriving at school.
  • In order to limit the number of families entering and exiting from the same location, we will have students entering campus in 6 different locations based on their grade levels.
  • Drivers are to remain in their vehicles during drop-off and pick-up.
  • Visitors are not able to come on campus.
  • If needed, students will be supported in getting to their classroom
  • When using the drop off loop, the student must exit the vehicle on the curb side.
  • Cars are not allowed to park in the drop-off area.


  • Please be on time
  • When using the pick-up loop, the student must enter the vehicle from the curb side.
  • Cars are not allowed to park in the pick up area.

Tardy Procedures

If you arrive after your scheduled drop-off time, there will be a designated waiting area where students will remain on a social distancing marker until an adult can direct them to class. Students will be formally marked as tardy if they arrive after the teachers open the classroom to students. Please do your best to be on time!

Entry 1 - Crew:

Enter through the gate at the very beginning of the parking lot on Clover St. 

Entry 2: 

Enter through the gate by R-1.

Entry 3:

Enter through the gate between room 1 and the staff lounge

Entry 4

8th Graders with last names A-L

Entry 5:

8th graders with last names M-Z

Entry 6: 

7th graders with last names A-L

Entry 7:

7th graders with last names M-Z

Tardy Spot:

Please line up in front of the office.

Reopening Resources

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