Monroe Middle School

Principal's Message- January 10, 2019

Welcome back to Monroe Middle School! We trust everyone had a wonderful break full of family/friends, fun, and rest. The start of the new calendar year also ushered in the highly anticipated opening of the new two story building, blacktop, field area and walking track. The return of teachers/staff and students was also a spectacular site as they greeted one another and explored the new areas of the campus together. We look forward to the start of 2019 with much anticipation and excitement.

We Continue to Grow and Learn Together

In response to the new calendar year teachers continue to develop the intentional learning experiences for our students with our commitment to AVID; that also support our district wide focus of the profile of a graduate competencies (self directed, Innovative, a critical thinker, collaborative and empathetic).  AVID directly supports our curriuclum and instruction planning and provides students the core stratedgies to further develop their learning. We would also like to share that we recently received our annual designation over the break as an AVID school.

Also, we have successfully implemented the web to one initiative providing our students with the means to support access and to technology relevant in and outside the classroom. The web to one has provided our students and teachers a learning extension tool to the instruction provided in the classroom.

We Continue to Support One Another

Our learning community continues to provide resources and supports for both our students and families through our Parent Nights, ELAC, School Site Council and PTA.  Remember to join our PTA to further support your learning community.