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Counseling Services

As we finish our second full week of school, our students have begun to make connections with each other and our amazing staff.
Middle School is a time when students and families have a lot of new questions.  For many, this is the first time at a new school in six to seven years.  
For others, they are experiencing the expected and yet still challenging changes of becoming a teenager.
We want to make sure that we can be here to help.  If you would like a chance to talk with a school counselor please use our Non-Urgent Counseling Referral.  If you see something or hear something at school or online that worries you please use our MMScares or Quicktip Links to make a report.  MMScares and Quicktip reports do not require you to include your name in the report.
No matter where you ask your question or share your concern we will make sure that the right person is there to respond.

Non-Urgent Counseling Referral

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