Monroe Middle School

Building a Culture of Excellence: Safety & Learning at Monroe

A Message from the Principal

Monroe Middle School students have great potential. In our continued efforts to help them focus on learning and attain that excellence, Monroe Middle School is welcoming a School Resource Officer. 

Starting next week, a School Resource Officer will be on campus daily to help us in our commitment to maintain safety within our school community, build positive relationships, and reinforce our expectations of our PBIS Maverick Code:  Be safe, Be respectful and Be responsible. 

Campbell Union School District has a long-standing partnership with the local police departments within our district boundaries. They provide us with input for each school site’s school safety plan along with providing direct site support through their school officer liaison department. San Jose Police Department is a partner in the Monroe Campus Collaborative, which includes representation from various local agencies and organizations who provide support to our students and their families. SJPD is a valued partner, and we are excited to expand this partnership. 

Our School Resource Officer will be an important part of our dedicated Maverick community as we all work to provide the best educational experiences for our students as we educate them to their highest potential.