Monroe Middle School

Message from the Principal

School safety meeting was constructive, positive, and student-focused.

I want to thank the nearly 70 parents and staff who attended the MMS community meeting this week to better understand what the school and district staff are doing to support student safety at Monroe.

Our meeting was constructive and positive, with people sharing their concerns and suggestions, and several people even offering to volunteer for lunch supervision or to meet other needs of the school. If you are interested in supporting lunch time supervision or intramurals, please use our parent/guardian volunteer form on our website or obtain one in our school office.

The PTA president also shared that PTA is a wonderful way to be and stay connected with the happenings of the school.  The next meeting is on Wed., Nov. 20, from 7-8 p.m. Monroe PTA information is also online. 

As an administrator returning to Monroe Middle School, this is a special school to me, and I want to ensure that it is also special for our students. My goal is for this school to be a safe place for your child to get a rigorous education in a positive environment.

The input we received at the community meeting left me encouraged that, together, we can achieve that goal for all of our Monroe students.

We have a PDF of the presentation—in English and Spanish—that Superintendent Viramontez and I shared at the meeting. 

Also, we have scheduled a follow-up meeting for Tuesday, December 10th, starting at 7 p.m.